Wedding Photography at Jeremy’s Restaurant, East Sussex


Sunday the 30th saw a very welcome return to Jeremy’s Restaurant in Borde Hill for the wedding of Iain and Marite.

Jeremy’s is a venue I’ve grown very fond of in a short space of time. The day started with a very intimate ceremony at The Holy Trinity Church, Cuckfield, with all the guest being seated in the choir stalls. As well as being a very beautiful church, it’s also very subtly lit which helped to reinforce the closeness of all involved – and made for very evocative pictures. After the service we all moved on to Jeremy’s, Iain and Marite in a fabulous Mark VII Jaguar.

Jeremy’s itself has wonderfully spacious grounds – and the option of going into Borde Hill Gardens themselves. Whilst the vine ‘tunnel’ lends itself to set piece shots, there’s loads of space for photography outdoors and the interior decor gives a gentle warmth to any indoor shots. Iain and Marite had a truly memorable day – thank you both for letting me be part of it.’

Wedding at Jeremy's Restaurant, Borde Hill, East Sussex

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