Wedding First Dance Pictures – Dance Hits of 2011

First Dance Wedding Photography

Here’s a compilation of my favourite first dance pictures from last year.

The first dance can generate some of the most powerful images of the day, something to think about when deciding how long you want your photographer to stay.

But I also want to give an unashamed plug to Mark Parker at As a DJ, Mark has a unique ability to get everyone dancing – and keep dancing. I’m always impressed by how he can judge the dancers’ reaction to what he’s playing and keep everyone on the floor. At the opposite end of the spectrum I’ve all too often seen the dancing fade at the end of the first dance – and seen a band playing to an empty room.

The first dance can generate some of the most powerful images of the day

A good DJ like Mark isn’t playing a fixed set, he can watch what’s happening and react to it – and great dancing makes for great pictures. Mark is a great professional to work with – he even adjusts the lighting to make sure it will get you the best atmosphere and give you the best pictures. Sometimes wonderful music can be let down by very dull lighting that also makes it very difficult to get evocative and atmospheric pictures. When I work with Mark everyone’s having such a great time I just want to keep on shooting!

Above all my message is choose your evening music with care; it’s a very, very big part of the day.

Bride & Groom - Wedding First Dance

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