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Savile Club Wedding Photography – eandj-361

Emma and Jack at The Savile Club, Mayfair, London, in April

From the moment I met Emma and Jack I knew this was going to be a spectacular day – there were so many fabulous elements to look forward to, not least the amazing staircase that lies at the heart of the Savile Club.

I knew this was very important to Emma and Jack and looking at the pictures here you can see why – and there were loads more great shots of it in the final selection of 750 pictures I handed over after the wedding.

Wedding photography in London can sometimes involve a lot of logistical planning…

Wedding photography in London can sometimes involve a lot of logistical planning. The Savile Club has lots of rooms for the Bride and Groom and the friends and family to stay in making it really easy to photograph everyone involved during the build up to the ceremony. It was great to be able to capture the Bride and her team getting ready, the Groom’s arrival, and then that of the guests.

The ceremony itself was full of wow factor – the arrival of the bride coming down the stairs will stay with me for a long time, as will Jack’s performance with part of his Mariachi band. People often ask me if I have ‘seen it all’ after 1000 weddings but the great thing is I continue to be surprised by and enjoy the new elements of every wedding I photograph – and Jack’s Mariachi band reappeared in the evening, taking audience participation to a new level.

Yes, the staircase at The Savile Club is amazing, but there are other fabulous locations as well, both inside and out, and I’ve tried to show them all here. A very big thank you to Emma and Jack for a hugely enjoyable day – and for letting me share their pictures.

Savile Club Wedding Photography – eandj-370

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