Combe Bank Wedding Photography – Hannah & Hugh

Coombe Bank Wedding Photography

Hannah and Hugh, Combe Bank, Sevenoaks, 10th December 2011

When I first spoke to Hannah in December 2010 she was concerned about the possible impact of snow on her wedding day. As it turned out Saturday 10th December was a brilliantly sunny day – my snow chains stayed the boot.

Combe Bank is a wonderful venue for a wedding …

Combe Bank is a wonderful venue for a wedding and it was great to be back there. Hannah and Hugh got married in the chapel but signed the register in the Adam Room with its spectacular light.

The happiness of the day and the love between Hannah and Hugh shines out of all the photographs – selecting for the blog was not easy, but I wanted to show the joys of natural light and what you’re rewarded with if you’re brave enough to go outside on a winter’s day as the sun goes down.

Thank you Hannah and Hugh for a glorious day.

Coombe Bank Wedding Photography

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